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Infection with liver flukes often involve consuming raw fish dish or other ingestion of undercooked, salted, pickled, or smoked freshwater fish mostly of the cyprinid variety. They infect an estimated 25 million people globally.

"flatfish," Old English floc "flatfish," related to Old Norse floke "flatfish," flak "disk, floe" (see flake (n.)). The parasite worm (1660s) so called from resemblance of shape.

Way to go Radiolab, you really stretched it to breaking point with the Toxoplasma story. A discussion of an idiosyncratic mechanism of parasite reproduction segued fairly quickly into rampant speculation on the loss of control of free will in humans. Although I often enjoy Radiolab, some segments definitely have an aura of "fringe" about them, and there is big tendency to speculate on what either preliminary observations (if true ...), and a failure to indicate that the idea being presented may be quite controversial in the field. I think this segment had about three layers of speculation piled one on top of another. While this may make for good radio, this kind of piece illustrates a lack of critical editorial control. If you are trying to popularize cutting edge science, please don't let the facts get in the way of a good story.

The city's attempt to lay the streets out in a perfect grid was thwarted by a landowner who built a Victorian house on a triangular plot of land. Aerial views of this town in New York show that the streets had to loop around the large plot, destroying their symmetry.

Because of this, make sure to always follow package directions for consumption, and consult a physician if you have any serious preexisting health conditions.

Most trematodes are simultaneous hermaphrodites , having both male and female organs . There are usually two testes , with sperm ducts that join together on the underside of the front half of the animal. This final part of the male system varies considerably in structure between species , but may include sperm storage sacs and accessory glands, in addition to the copulatory organ, which is either eversible, and termed a cirrus , or non-eversible, and termed a penis . [3]

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The House Of Flukes You're CoolThe House Of Flukes You're CoolThe House Of Flukes You're CoolThe House Of Flukes You're Cool