John barera and will martin - graceless

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Kuedo’s mixes are always a delight – see his Severant -era session for FACT, for one – and this year’s Truants  mix sees the ex-Vex’d producer extend his hand to a younger generation (Sharp Veins, v1984, Silk Road Assassins) while asserting his influence: when contextualised in a Kuedo mix, you realise just how many artists sound like him.

"The recording process for ‘Proceed to the Root’ started almost immediately after their first album ‘Graceless’ came out. That was when they wrote the track ‘Golden Hour’. There was a lot of momentum after the release of the debut album and buoyed by it’s reception, they knew they wanted to do another album together and started writing for the next one right away.

The CIA helps overthrow government of Mohammed Mossadegh in Iran; CIA Technical Services approves use of the synthetic drug LSD in a MKULTRA subproject (MKULTRA was a covert, illegal CIA human research program investigating mind control)

Just a few years back, John Barera and Will Martin were best friends and roommates, cranking out tunes from their home studio in Boston. The arrangement was a f … Read more

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John Barera and Will Martin - GracelessJohn Barera and Will Martin - GracelessJohn Barera and Will Martin - GracelessJohn Barera and Will Martin - Graceless